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Tom cultivated his fun, yet refined style with hundreds of portrait and wedding clients in Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. Tom always looks for the beauty in people and fearlessly strives to make everyone look their very best, whatever it takes!

Tom is a seasoned shooter and has been married over 100 times… But just recently got to keep the bride! Tom and Priscilla were married in late 2015 and marriage took on a whole new meaning! Check out Tom and Priscilla’s wedding pictures on the blog.

Schmidt Photo has deep roots beginning back in the 1980’s when Jerry Schmidt (Tom’s father) founded the business in Missouri. Tom grew up with conversations about the photography business over dinner. So you could say it was inevitable that Tom and Jerry teamed up when Tom set up his Kansas City studio in 2009. Rangefinder’s feature story “Like Father like Son” on us is a fun read for a little more. Tom and Jerry Weddings (as you may remember us) became one of the most sought after wedding photographers in area.

And then… Tom moved to CHICAGO!

Tom has re-established Schmidt Photo in the BIG CITY and is now booking for 2017 in Chicago & Kansas City.

Read more about Tom and his adventures on his food blog and personal project site Eat with Tom.


Tom Schmidt Photo Chicago Based Wedding Photographer

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